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Pet Policies

· The charges per pet vary depending on their size. Pets of less than 11

pounds (Puppies, Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers) won’t be subject to

additional fees; 13 pound dogs and over are subject to a $350.00 MXN

fee per night. All rates are plus taxes.

· Only one pet per room is allowed (additional pets are subject to a

$350.00 MXN per night).

· All pets must bring their own bed.

· Without any exceptions, every pet must have its leash attached to the

collar in all the areas of the property.

· All pets must be under the supervision of an adult.

· It is forbidden for pets to sleep on the room’s or hotel’s furnishings.

· The pet can’t be alone in the room if the owner is not there.

· Pets can’t be in the pool area or in areas pointed out by hotel


· Any damage caused by the pet is responsibility of its owner.

· The space and tranquility of the other guests must be respected.

· The pet’s hygiene is responsibility of its owner.

· Please, be a responsible pet owner.